Air Mouse Presenter


The Gyration Air Mouse® Presenter is a presentation remote with a bright green laser pointer–doubling as an in-air handheld mouse. With its intuitive slide controls, bright green laser pointer and ‘in air’ mouse pointing, the Air Mouse Presenter puts presentation slides in the palm of your hand, while controlling your computer from up to 75’ away (Windows® & OS X®).

Interactive Presentations in Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Enabling handheld control of computer applications, Air Mouse Presenter mouse is a natural addition to today’s corporate boardrooms and company meeting rooms.

Air Mouse Presenter features gesture-controlled Air Mouse® for interactive control of presentations, multimedia, video conferencing and Internet applications.


70′ Bluetooth Wireless Range

Too often, presentations are one-way communications: with the speaker at the front of the room delivering slides, and the audience sitting back quietly, attentively listening. An interactive presentation, however, involves engaging your audience, pulling them into the discussion. But first, you must be free to move about the room. Air Mouse Presenter has your back. Bluetooth 4 LE provides computer control from up to 70 feet away.

‘IN AIR’ Mouse Control

With its ‘in air’ mouse pointing and gesture control, Air Mouse Presenter is the ultimate PowerPoint & Keynote remote device. The motion-sensing cursor control let you navigate and control your presentation effortlessly.

Green Laser Pointer
Its bright green laser pointer to draw all eyes to the points that matter, and its ‘in air’ mouse to control your computer from anywhere in the room.


• Ergonomic (disappears in your hand)
• Large intuitive slide controls
• Bright green laser pointer
• In-Air handheld mouse (gesture controlled)
• Up to 75-foot wireless range
• Windows® & macOS® compatible


Wireless Technology:
Wireless Range:
Laser Safety Class:
Laser Power Output:
Laser Beam Distance:
Hand Orientation:
Bluetooth Wireless
up to 70 feet
Class II
5 mW at maximum
Up to 656 feet (200 meters)
650 ± 7 nm
2 x AAA battery
Universal (Right & Left)
5.16” (L) x 1.42” (W) x 1.14” (H) / 131 mm x 36 mm x 29 mm
1.52 oz. (batteries uninstalled) / 43 g.

Package Contents

Product Descriptions Benefits Features
• Gyration Air Mouse Presenter
• 2.4 GHz USB Receiver (housed in remote)
• 2 AAA batteries
• Air Mouse Presenter Quick Start Guide
• 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Air Mouse Presenter


Item Product Description UPC Package Dim. Package Weight Inner / Master Carton Qty
GYM4400 Gyration Air Mouse Presenter 744390951374 6.73” x 5.0″ x 1.93” 0.4 lbs 3 / 12