The Amazing Gyration® Air Mouse®

The award-winning Gyration® Air Mouse® delivers precise cursor control for any application: working both on your desk and in your hand up to 100-feet away. Compatible with Windows- and OS X-based PCs, the Gyration® Air Mouse® provides total control—on or away from your desktop.

Air Mouse® Voice

Air Mouse® GO Plus

Air Mouse® Elite

Air Mouse® Mobile


For Presentations

Responding to the sound of your voice, Gyration's new Air Mouse® Voice is a presentation and screen effects remote control, a handheld 'in-air' mouse, and a precise desktop mouse: all in one (includes Gyration's new MotionTools 3 software). (Check out the video).

For Education

In classrooms and student amphitheaters, the Air Mouse® GO Plus enables interactive use of digital whiteboards, lecture slides, multimedia presentations and Internet curriculum—while doing double duty as your reliable desktop mouse (Check out the video).

For Companies

In boardrooms and company meeting rooms, as well as on office desktops, the stylish Air Mouse® Elite provides interactive control of projector slides, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia, video conferencing sessions and Internet reviews (Check out the video).

For Laptops

In your laptop bag, where less is more, the low profile Air Mouse® Mobile is the ideal business travel mouse: compact and ruggeddesigned for use on tray tables, desktops, and handheld for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations (Check out the video).


Latest News from Gyration

Gyration® Introduces Air Mouse® Voice

November 01, 2016

New Air Mouse Controls Presentation Effects with Just Your Voice Camarillo, California, November 1st, 2016 — Gyration, owned by SMK-Link Electronics (a division of SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A.), is pleased to introduce Air Mouse Voice–a complete solution for controlling your computer from anywhere in the room. Connecting via Bluetooth® 4.0 LE, the new Air Mouse is a voice-enabled presentation remote control, motion-sensitive handheld mouse, and high-precision desktop mouse–all in one. With a wireless range of up to 70 feet (21-meters), Air Mouse Voice requires no software for normal desktop or in-air operation. Gyration includes its newly-designed MotionTools® 3.0 Software to provide voice command capability, mouse button customization, and a large library of presentation tools and screen effects. Print Resolution Image About... Continue Reading →