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Air Mouse Elite with Low Profile Keyboard

"5 Stars! - I bought the Air Mouse Elite and slim wireless keyboard to upgrade from my presentation mouse and keyboard combo. It has been a great investment for my teaching and it is so easy to use. I have found the functions of the Air Mouse to be more valuable that my previous presentation mouse. The keyboard has a great feel to it and the range is especially impressive." Matthew G. (Verified Buyer)
Model: GYM5600LKNA

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The Air Mouse Elite
  • An elegant mouse for desktops and meeting rooms.
  • Works on the desk and handheld, away from your computer.
  • Enables presentations from anywhere in the room.
  • Includes MotionTools screen effects software
  • Delivers up to 100' wireless range.

Step up to the Gyration Air Mouse Elite. Elite's elegant, award-winning design speaks volumes on your desk without saying a word. And when it's time for your next business presentation, use the Gyration Elite to control your slides from up to 100 feet away--just with the wave of your hand.



Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Enabling handheld control of computer applications, the award-winning Gyration Elite mouse is a natural addition to today's corporate boardrooms and company meeting rooms. On the meeting room table, it's a highly accurate laser mouse.

Pick it up, however, and with the simple press of a button, Elite transforms into a full-featured gesture-controlled Air Mouse for interactive control of presentations, multimedia, video conferencing and Internet applications.

Why Elite for Meeting Rooms?

  • Interactive control of meeting room computers.
  • Available with Low Profile Wireless Keyboard.
  • Elite features rechargeable battery.
  • Wireless range is up to 100' (30 meters).


For Classrooms & Amphitheaters

As educational instruction moves off of the desktop, the Gyration Air Mouse frees the teacher to move with it— transforming seamlessly from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device that enables classroom mobility and an interactive teaching style.

Why Classroom Interactivity?

  • Greater lesson impact.
  • More effective use of digital tools including flatscreen monitors, digital projectors and electronic whiteboards.
  • Increased student participation and collaboration.
  • Enhanced subject matter retention.
  • Higher test scores.

Air Mouse® Elite For Dental Operatories

To enable real-time dental 'in chair' patient consultation, the Gyration Air Mouse transforms from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device for digital x-ray reviews and interactive treatment planning. Interactivity in the operatory increases patient education, satisfaction and referrals.

Why 'In Chair" Patient Consultation?

  • Real-time patient education.
  • Interactive patient education.
  • Patient involvement in treatment planning and reviews.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • More new patient referrals.

MotionTools Software

MotionTools software, supplied exclusively by Gyration with Air Mouse products, enables customization of your Air Mouse buttons and hand gestures. Drawing from an extensive library of functions and screen effects, MotionTools enables presentation slide queuing, highlighting, annotation and zoom, media player controls, Internet navigation and much more.

Use Gyration MotionTools software with your Air Mouse to make dynamic presentations and run classroom computers; or at home to navigate websites and play multimedia selections--all from the comfort of your couch.

  • Dedicated Effects Libraries
  • Presentation slide queuing and on-screen effects
  • Multimedia transport and volume controls
  • Internet and document navigation
  • Document navigation.
  • Application queuing



Air Mouse Elite

Gyration Low Profile Keyboard


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