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MotionTools allows you to activate perfect commands to engage your audience and interact with your content. It recognizes simple and natural gestures and uses them to control application and to activate a rich set of tools and actions from a large library. MotionTools features a rich set of more than 80 tools for controlling your favorite applications, music and videos with simple hand motions. Upgrade your traditional presenter experience and engage your audience.

Turn your mouse cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer, and zoom… Switch to next or previous slide with a side swipe. Customize your Air Mouse to use different motion controls for different applications. Define your own custom gestures for controlling your computer desktop from across the room. Open your living room to the world wide web and media content.

Search, browse and navigate the web from the comfort of your couch. Control your music and video volume with a flick of your wrist. Easily scan your videos by tracing left and right in the air with the mouse.

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