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Hear what everyday users have to say about the sleek Air Mouse Mobile; and then take a look at some online user reviews. It becomes clear that, for personal, educational or corporate use, the Gyration Mobile is one "loved" little mouse.

A Teacher's Testimonial

"My name is Kristen Davis and I am a third grade teacher at Jay Elementary School. I use the Air Mouse Mobile every single day and absolutely cannot imagine my day without it! I have a very diverse group this year. Some kids are able to do what they’re supposed to and do it right the first time. However, the majority of my class needs to be told over and over how our routines work. Because of this, my reading block has to be projected on the white board for every rotation. This lets kids know where they should be during specific times during the day. For a teacher, every second of the day is vital.

"If I didn’t have the air mouse mobile, I would be losing so much time for valuable learning. I would have to leave reading group in between each group to get everything set up. I would have to teach math from behind my desk instead of walking around my room and working with students. It works from any point in my room and allows me to teach every subject with ease.

"I truly love this product. If I could find a way to get one for every teacher in my school, I would!
Thank you for your products!"

Kristen Davis, Third Grade Teacher
Jay Elementary School Orlando Florida


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