New MotionTools Software

What Is MotionTools® Software?

MotionTools® is a software toolkit supplied exclusively by Gyration® with all Air Mouse® products. While not required when using Air Mouse® on the desktop or handheld, MotionTools provides customization of mouse buttons and hand gestures, plus an extensive library of presentation tools and screen effects.

What's New in MotionTools 3.2?

Control from Anywhere in the Room

Use MotionTools with Air Mouse to gain complete computer control from anywhere in the room. For presentations, an extensive library of tools is available including slide queuing, highlighting, annotation and zoom. For multimedia, the Internet and document reviews, it provides transport and volume controls, Web browsing commands, text editing functions and much more.

Air Mouse Voice

For Air Mouse Voice, MotionTools 3.2 additionally provides a library of screen tools and effects that can be accessed simply with your voice (no advanced customization required). Simply pick up Air Mouse Voice, depress the 'Mic' key and say its name to 'call up' the tool or effect of your choice. 

Voice Controlled Tools & Effects