Air Mouse Gyroscopic Air Mouse Technology

Motion-Sensing Technology

Gyration products provide a rich family of next-generation user interface devices that take advantage of the Company's proprietary motion-sensing technology to produce intuitive, reliable, seamless, computer interface solutions.

Gyration’s family of Air Mouse products, including the Air Mouse Mobile, Air Mouse Elite, and Air Mouse GO Plus, represents the most advanced technology available for desktop use and In-Air cursor control. This patent-protected motion-sensing technology is based on a tiny embedded gyroscope that can measure the angle and speed of movement to advance a cursor between Point A and B, allowing users to select content or enable features on a device simply by pointing in the air.
Gyrations motion controller technology, called MotionSense, takes motion sensing to the next level--providing five degrees of motion sensing freedom, roll and dynamic drift compensation, low power consumption and quick start up times. Together, Gyration's Motion Sense and Motion Controller Technology, ideal for remote computer cursor control, home entertainment game controllers and other digital media input device solutions.


  • 5 Degrees of Freedom
    • 2 rotational (gyro) axes
    • 3 linear (accelerometer) axes
  • 360° Roll Compensation
    • Any rolled orientation produces true X-Y motion
  • X Dynamic Drift Compensation
    • Accelerometer allows drift correction during motion
  • Small Size
  • Low Power
  • Fast Start-up
Suggested Applications
  • Remote Controls
  • Mice
  • Game Controllers
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Devices
Key Markets
  • Game Controllers
  • Virtual Reality
Patent Information:

Awarded multiple patents, both in the United States and internationally, Gyration owns the use of basic motion sensing in any device, apparatus and algorithm for motion sensing devices, and graphical user interfaces.