Air Mouse Mobile

Model: GYM2200

Gyration Air Mouse Mobile
  • Replaces tiresome laptop touchpads.
  • Boosts laptop productivity, anywhere.
  • Compact rugged design ideal for travel bags.
  • Works on the desk, tray-table and handheld, away from laptop
  • Enables presentations with 100' wireless range.
  • Windows & OS X



One for the Road

Designed specifically as a laptop computer mouse, the Air Mouse Mobile slips easily into your bag--ready wherever for a productive computing session on the go. In airports, hotel rooms and convention centers, Mobile let's you glide through sales forecasts, email correspondence and new business proposals. And when it comes time to pitch that proposal, Mobile doubles as your presentation remote control--queuing your slides from anywhere in the room.

    • Replaces tiresome laptop touchpads
    • Optimizes your travel computing
    • Works handheld as a presentation control
    • Windows and OS X compatible
  • Up to 100' wireless range


Student Laptop Computers

Laptop computers have become 'must have' tools for students at almost every level. Long study sessions in campus libraries and coffee-shops have become commonplace. But with all this, the touchpad is still not an efficient way to use a laptop, especially for documents and spreadsheets. The Gyration Air Mouse Mobile brings desktop computing productivity to laptop sessions, anywhere! It's that simple.

Why a Laptop Computer Mouse?

    • Optimizes laptop computing
    • Replaces tiresome touchpads
    • Slips easily into laptop travel bags
    • Window and OS X compatible
    • 30-meter wireless range

Motiontools Software

Motiontools software, supplied exclusively by Gyration with Air Mouse products, enables customization of your Air Mouse buttons and hand gestures. Drawing from an extensive library of functions and screen effects, MotionTools enables presentation slide queuing, highlighting, annotation and zoom, media player controls, Internet navigation and much more.

Use Gyration Motiontools software with your Air Mouse to make dynamic presentations and run classroom computers; or at home to navigate websites and play multimedia selections--all from the comfort of your couch.

  • Dedicated Effects Libraries
  • Presentation slide queuing and on-screen effects
  • Multimedia transport and volume controls
  • Internet and document navigation
  • Document navigation.
  • Application queuing




  • Works on the desktop, tray table, and in the air.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Up to 100 foot range.
  • Three customizable buttons.
  • Gesture recognition with MotionTools software.
  • TAA Compliant


  • Motion sensing technology
  • Up to 100 foot wireless range
  • Laser desk mouse
  • Dockable 2.4 GHz USB receiver
  • Mac/Windows compatible
  • Power management controls
  • Configurable buttons
  • Gesture control