Air Mouse Voice

Model: GYM3300

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The Air Mouse® Voice
  • Control presentation screen effects simply with your voice
  • Use as motion-sensitive handheld or high resolution desktop mouse
  • Requires Bluetooth® 4.0 LE wireless connectivity
  • Supports VGA through Retina screen resolutions
  • Up to 70 foot (21 meter) wireless range
  • Windows & OS X

Business Applications

Why Voice for Meeting Rooms?
  • Voice control of screen effects and computer tools
  • Interactive handheld control of meeting room computers.
  • Reliable Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless extends battery life.
  • Supports 64-bit processing and 4K screen resolution
  • Up to a 70' (21 meter) range.

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Enabling voice-driven screen tools and handheld control of applications, the new Gyration® Air Mouse Voice is a productive upgrade to today's corporate meeting rooms. On the conference room table, it's a highly accurate laser mouse.

Pick it up, however, and, with the press of a button, Voice transforms into a gesture-controlled Air Mouse® for presentations: supported by voice control of computer tools and screen effects.

Conference Room Applications
  • Presentations & addresses
  • Multimedia control
  • Video conferencing
  • Internet navigation
  • Spreadsheet & document reviews
For Classrooms & Amphitheaters

As educational instruction moves off of the desktop, the Gyration® Air Mouse® Voice frees the teacher to move with it— transforming seamlessly from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device that enables classroom mobility and an interactive teaching style.

  • More effective use of digital tools including flatscreen monitors, digital projectors and electronic whiteboards.
  • Greater lesson impact and retention
  • Higher test scores.
Presentation Venues

Presentation Control - Right Out of the Box

  • Instant 'voice command' of screen tools & effects
  • Handheld control of PowerPoint® and Keynote® slides.
  • Assignable presentation effects (screen zoom, highlight, annotate and more
  • Voice command of multimedia and Internet navigation
  • Saved User Profiles (customized effects & button assignments)
  • Reliable Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless (up to 70' range)
  • Windows® & OS X® compatible

MotionTools® 3 Software

New MotionTools® 3 software, supplied exclusively by Gyration®, enables customization of Air Mouse® buttons and hand gestures, along with voice-command for the new Air Mouse® Voice.

Supporting 64-bit processing and 4K screen resolutions, MotionTools 3.0 provides an extensive library of computer tools and screen effects, enabling presentation queuing, screen highlighting, annotation and zoom, media player controls, Internet navigation tools and much more.

Voice Controlled Tools & Effects

Use Gyration® MotionTools® software with Air Mouse® Voice
to call up screen effects and computer tools instantly.

  • Presentation screen tools & effects
  • Multimedia transport & volume functions
  • Internet navigation with on-screen keyboard
  • Application queuing & document editing






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